Monday, April 14, 2014


Yesterday was my first IMATS experience and it all went by a blur. I got there around 12pm and it ended at 5pm. While most of my time spent was waiting online *cough cough SIGMA, it was completely worth it!
My main goal was to get the Sigmax kabuki face kit as well as the eye kit. However, they face kit was sold out :( So I just got the F82 by itself as well as the eye kit, which was in stock! Even with the huge rush to get my brushes, makeup, etc, I was able to see some amazing art work. Also, while IMATS is known for the discounted makeup, I was also exposed to some new brands as well!

Here are the things I got:

1. OCC Nail Polish in "INKY" and "SOMETHING" , Lip Tar in "MOMENTUM"

Polishes $5 each, Lip tar $15
2. Chacott *I stumbled across their booth and learned that this is a Japaneses brand. I bought their foundation base, which is great for under liquid or cream foundation.


3. Inglot
Pan shadows $5 each, AMC Pure pigment $10
4. Sigma
Sigmax precision kit, Original/Show price : $72.50/$50.40

F82 Original/Show price : $21/$14.70 , E30 : $12/$8.40 
5. Royal and Langnickle



Brush belt : $15

Free gift with purchase! 

6. Morphe Brushes * Didn't know they sold makeup as well, so picked this palette up

6. MAKE UP FOREVER *love the cute tote bag!!


7. LIT cosmetics
I forgot how much the glitters were. But there was a special price for 3.
The base was $5
8. Nigel Beauty Emporium
Banana powder: $12

Amazing deal on these lashes. Bought them in bulk and got lash glues for free
9. Ardel
$6 for $20, free lash glue with purchase 
10. Dante
Brush cleanser $4 

That's it for my very first IMATS haul! I really enjoyed it and look forward to IMATS 2015!!!

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  1. This is awesome! thanks so much! my girlfriend will love all of this, you are doing great