Sunday, June 1, 2014

Exposed Skin Care : Acne Treatment (How to get rid of acne)

Before I start explaining all the products and my review, here is a general description of my skin type right now: I have combination skin. Oily T-zone and slightly dry areas on my cheeks. Before I started to use any of the products in the kit, I had acne on the sides of my nose, area above my eyebrows, some on my forehead and minor acne on the cheeks. 

First is the Facial Cleanser, formulated with :Salicylic Acid - Clears clogged poresPro-Vitamin B5 - Regulates oil productionSage Extract - Detoxifies skinUnlike most acne cleansers that feel harsh on the skin because of its anti acne medicine, this cleanser felt gentle and cleans without irritating the skin. After massaging this on my skin, I rinse away with warm water then lightly pat dry with a tissue.Next is the Clearing tonic, formulated with:Salicylic Acid - Clears clogged poresGreen Tea Extract - Heals & protects skinPassion Flower - Reduces inflammationAzelaic Acid - Normalizes cell turnoverRight after the cleanser, I pat this on my skin, starting from the center of my face where my pores are. For night time, as instructed in the booklet, with clean hands, I apply the Clear Pore serum, which has:Salicylic Acid - Clears clogged poresGreen Tea Extract - Heals & protects skinLicorice Root - Reduces inflammationAnd in some areas where my skin tends to get dry, I apply a bit of the Moisture Complex, formulated with:Pumpkin Seed - Calms irritated skinGreen Tea Extract - Heals & protects skinCaffeine - Reduces inflammationThis moisturizes my skin without a greasy feel. For the day time, I cleanse and tone my skin with the facial cleanser and the clearing tonic. While my skin is still slightly wet from the tonic, I apply the Acne Treatment which has :Benzoyl Peroxide - Kills acne bacteriaGreen Tea Extract - Heals & protects skinTea Tree Oil - Promotes healingThis allows for the treatment to sink into my skin while more pores are still open. The most impressive thing about this treatment is how it works well with clearing up my breakouts without smelling or feeling like a harsh medication. When applying, it felt like a cream consistency that doesn't dry up my skin. 
When I first starting using this skincare, I had no idea how my skin would react. However, my skin was not at its best, and with the warm weather coming up, I wanted to clear my skin so I wouldn't have to wear my usual foundation to cover up. To get rid of acne and improve the texture and appearance of your skin, it takes time and effort. I followed the mourning and night time cleansing and treatment cycle, and never skipped a day. Whatever the cause of your acne is, keep in mind that bacteria takes a huge role in the cause of acne as well as inflammation. It has been 3 weeks since I started Exposed Skincare and I am so glad I did. All the products in this kit are made to clarify and heal the skin. This is not me saying that this kit is the treatment for everybody, as different skin reaction may vary. However, if you have tried countless acne treatments and found them to be too harsh or not work at all, I would highly recommend this. Using these products had made my skin improve and cleared my major breakouts. While I still have a pimple here and there, it is definitely an improvement. You can either buy the kit or get the products individually at

Disclaimer : This review contains a sample product sent for consideration by the brand or its PR firm.  I don't do paid reviews. All pictures and reviews are my own.

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