Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow palette : Pinks and Purple; Swatches + Review

From the company:

Freedom palettes come in a range of sizes and for a range of products. A magnetic layer on the bottom of the palette holds pans in place but also allows you to rearrange and exchange each item for convenience and easy product replenishment.

A quick summary of my first Inglot Freedom System experience-
When I first saw the huge displays of what seems like an endless colors of eye shadows, I was drawn to the Inglot section in Macy's.The sales ladys gave me a magnetic plate, and told me to choose the eyeshadows on the display(held on by magnetics as well,) and I can put it all in a palette. I choose the eyeshadow palette with 5 single eyeshadows. Then, went ahead and choose 5 colors, however, 2 were outof stock, so right now, I only have 3 filled. 

Long story short, after having both my arms filled with swatches, I was amazed at how buttery and pigmented the shadows were. I will go back soon and complete my palette, and maybe start a face palette. 

Ok, review time ...

The palette -

As stated before, this palette is customiozable, and come in various amounts of sizes. The one I got holds 5 pans of shadows. It's slim, sleek, and magnetics at both sides, so you can completely take off the cover, or slide it open on one end.This is definetly travel friendly, as it is sleek and doesn't take up much space. It is also user friendly, as removing/adding shadows into the palette is a breeze, without denting or scratching the shadows itself.

The first color I got was "AMC Shine 22" This is a medium purple with subtle shimmer. For thosewh are more comfortable with browns and nudes(like me) , this purple will add a great pop of color without being too crazy. It's very wearble, super pigmentented, and work well as an eyeliner as well. 

Next, I got the shade in "AMC Shine 48". This is s solid pink with very light silver shimmer. So light, it barely transfers to skin, leaving a sheen. I stray away from pink eyeshadows, as most are too chunky and make me look sick. This shade of pink, combined with the great formulation, makes it easy to wear as an all over lid color. 

Last but not least, is "Pearl 399", a pinky beige. Oh my. This is the most buttery eyeshadow I have every felt. It is so smooth and the pigmentation is right on. Pearl 399 is a must have neutral pink. It has a slight satin finish, no shimmer at all. The sheen really brightens up the eye area.

While these three are the shadows I hve so far, I plan on adding more to my collection. I am super impressed with the formuation and the pigmentation of these eyeshadows. 

Have you tried anything from Inglot? Any recommendations?

Rate: A +

Available at select Macys' and online at Inglot

Palette : $11 
Single eye shadow pans: $ 6 each (0.09 oz) 

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