Thursday, September 5, 2013

Maybelline Great Lash Vision In Violet Mascara : Swatches and Review

I remember when the first great lash color mascara came out about 2 years ago, I got the color in " Teal appeal" which looked electric blue on my black lashes. I loved the mascara till it was all dried out. This summer, I saw the displays of the color mascaras, with more color choices. I chose a purple one and found teal appeal again, which I will review next.

If you have the original Great Lash mascara(my first ever mascara when I started to wear makeup!), the brush and the formula is the same. The brush isn't lengthening or volumizing at all. These are meant for coating your lashes in color. You can apply a voluminous/lengthening mascara first, then add a boost of color on your lases with this mascara. In the pictures below, I only applied the mascara by itself so you can see how it actually looks like on bare lashes. The shape of the brush is quite wide, as in, it took many wiggles to get the product on all my lashes for the full color application.

Rate : A

Limited Edition: Available at Ulta and your local drugstores : $5-7

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