Sunday, August 18, 2013

Freeman Beauty : Kiwi & Yogurt Facial Moisturizing Cleanser Review

From the company:
It's a super-hydrating smoothie for skin! This silky cream cleanser with crisp Kiwi and cooling, non-dairy Yogurt cleans away oils and impurities -- without stripping or drying skin. Perfect for normal to dry skin.

I've been using this cleanser for 9 days now, as a mourning and night time cleanser. This smells lightly of exactly what it contains, yogurt and kiwi (smells yummy!). As a person with really dry skin, I have yet to find a moisturizing cleanser. Many face wash out there strip off my natural oil, leaving my skin tight and dry within the second I wipe off the water on my face. 

This Kiwi & Yogurt cleanser consistency is quite thin, in between a cream and a gel. It doesn't soap up into foams or bubbles. Because of the texture of this cleanser, it glides on my skin and washes off easily. Just to test it out, it didn't sting my eyes when I got a bit of it in my eye area. I can safely assume its good for sensitive skin as well, since my skin hasn't had any irritations after using it. 

So did this live up to its claim? YES! After rinsing it out with lukewarm water, I lightly patted my face and waiting a few minutes before I follow up with my traditional toner and serum. My skin felt moisturized, cleansed, and pure. 

For your dry skin ladies, I would definitely give this nourishing cleanser a try. Another thing I want to mention is the price and the size of this product. For six ounces, it retails for $3.99. That is an incredible deal, who doesn't love affordable beauty ? 

The only concern I have is that because it's a squeeze tub packing, I can't control how much or how little I want the cleanser to come out. 

Rate : A

Available at Ulta &  $3.99 (6 fl. oz) 

Disclaimer : This review contains a sample product sent for consideration by the brand or its PR firm.  I don't do paid reviews. All pictures and reviews are my own.

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