Friday, March 8, 2013

Reviva Labs : Rosewater Facial Spray

 From the company:

Natural extract of rose oil makes this Facial Spray very refreshing and stimulating. Hold bottle 8 inches from face when spraying. After daytime cleansing and moisturizing, mist face, pat-in, mist again after makeup is applied. At night, mist before night cream is applied (because hydrated skin aids absorption.) You'll find dozens of other uses. For male and female athletes, this mist is a great refresher and cleansing aid. Skin will look fresher, feel softer and subsequently look better. Benefits: refresh skin & set makeup, spray away perspiration, moisturize skin & hair in dry weather.

This rosewater spray does a really good job refreshing the face. I used it last summer, when the weather was warm and sticky, my skin was instantly relieved as soon as I dispensed 2 pumps of this.
I have dry skin all year round, so this is a must have to moisturize and refresh my skin.

When I use it:
- Right after cleansing my face , a light spritz - follow up by moisturizer
- Throughout the day ( this products sets my makeup as well!)
- At night after I cleanse my face

As you can imagine, my skin happily absorbs this product at least 5-10 spritz a day.
This product has lasted me a good 3 months.

Available at Ulta and ,  $ 9  (8 oz.)

Disclaimer : This review contains a sample product sent for consideration by the brand or its PR firm. All opinions are sincerely my own.

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